It's 2020: Are you utilizing all of your Salesforce Features?

Is your business using Salesforce as just a Glorified XL Spreadsheet that stores files? What impact would the use of Salesforce Best Practices have on your organizations to increase productivity that will save you time and effort?

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Salesforce Featured Solutions

Get the ability to optimize what your business is already using within your Salesforce Organization

Data Implementation & Migration

Moving your most precious years of data from a legacy CRM into Salesforce should be as easy as pie.

Understand how Naaleh Online College

• Migrated over 150,000 records from Sugar CRM to Salesforce

• Optimized workflows and Process Builder for tasks, reopening cases, and email alerts that attributed to the efficiency and automation of donor management.

“As an Executive Director, we needed a user friendly and reliable CRM so that users can have an accurate 360-degree view of donor management. The Rayburn Ideas Solution helped our volunteers work twice as fast!”

Hillel Rudolph, Executive Director, Naaleh Online College

Download: Naaleh Online College Case Study

Community Site Optimization

Community Cloud can be used as the bridge between your Salesforce Organization & your website. If configured correctly they can expose report data to the correct audiences, your partners to empower them to sell more or your 3rd Party Vendors
“As an Education Coordinator, we needed a user friendly & reliable community solution to display class and program enrollment details, as well as, to allow instructors to contact our support staff. Thanks to the Rayburn Ideas Optimization, we had a 33% increase in instructor self-sufficiency.”Jonathan Greiner, Education Coordinator, American Pets Alive 

Find out how American Pets Alive

• Utilized their community site to populate Salesforce Data through specific community components to view each program and class.
• Reduced the amount of instructor dependency by 33% and promoted self-instructor sufficiency.
• Enabled instructors to report the latest student details and update records for a 360-degree view to gain deeper insights.

Download: American Pets Alive Case Study

Field Service Lightning Implementation

Managing a mobile workforce and integrating them with your customer service team can be challenging.
Field Service Lightning (FSL) is an extension of Service Cloud that provides a comprehensive view of workforce management. This is used to help organizations better track customer service calls from the call center agent, through the dispatcher console, to a completed service appointment from the mobile employee. 

As a Certified Field Service Lightning Professional, I, reveal how I fell in love with the FSL data model and the way the interface is organized.

I help organizations become successful with their Field Service Lightning Implementation and share 3 use cases for how a typical organization would use this Salesforce Functionality.

Get 3 FSL Use Cases

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Classic to Lightning Migration

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      • We are involved in every step of the way to help you utilize your new features in the Lightning user interface.

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