Hit by Coronavirus-and a 30% Holdback by the Payment Processor

More people are demanding refunds for things bought before the pandemic. PayPal, Square, Stripe, and others are trying to protect themselves, but it’s coming at the expense of businesses that use them. Source: Wall Street Journal

Get Clarity on Merchant Services

Do you know how much you are paying for merchant services? How often are disbursements made? 

For many of us, we just go with a familiar brand that we heard of or we use a service that our neighbor uses.

Is this business as usual?

But sometimes we realize..... 

after many months or even years of reviewing the merchant services statement something is not right or we could do better.

• Would you like your payment dispensed within 1-2 Business Days?
• Do you find yourself not understanding your merchant services?
• Do you wish you could easily collect payments from your website or online media campaigns?
• Do you want a way to better integrate your business applications and automate them?
• Do you fail to run to integrated reports across multiple platforms that show the source of income, all under one roof?
• Do you want a competitive rate with a company that you can trust?

Sounds familiar?

Your company has spent an innumerable amount of time and resources. Keeping most of your income is important and should be easy.

Do you know where to start?

Understand how the backend of this industry works & where you fit in?

Understand Now

Bring remarkable changes to your business:

• Receive your payment disbursements within 1-2 Business Days.
• Take advantage of small business funding.
• Understand your merchant services & get competitive rates.
• Easily collect payments through your website and connect them to your business software.
• Gain insights into your reporting & analytics all under one roof

EnPower the world through merchant services

Whether you need:
• to receive your payment disbursements faster, 
• flexible integrated payment solutions, or
• competitive rates
the way in which you accept payments can change the course of history!
We will help you bring your world-changing ideas to life.

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