Non-Commitment Consult

Increase Productivity, Save Time & Effort in
3 Easy Steps

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Consulting firms with huge contracts scare us!
What is your Return On Investment? That is why we created a Non-Commitment Consult for people like us.

We can help your organization better optimize your 

CRM, Email & Digital Marketing  Features.

Get integrated business apps through Zapier &
Save $1000s

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What a Great Idea! (How it Works)

We will pair you up with your own committed Business Analyst. He will arrange 2 meetings as follows:
Part 1: Meeting Agenda #1, a 45-minute Exploratory Call
• He will take detailed notes.
• You will reveal: what is, was, and should be working in your Organization, 
Pain Points, Wants, Needs, & Desires for your current business process

Part 2: Your consultant will optimize a 60-minute session making several tailored edits to your Organization.

Part 3: Meeting Agenda #2, a 45-Demonstration Call
• Your consultant will enlighten you with your new enhancements, your customizations for your optimized functional Organization. 
In the end, you get the following:
• something to keep in your Business System. 
• a small taste of Optimization
• You are on your journey towards improving functionality features that save time, effort, and increase productivity. The future is in your hands All non-commitment consult customers receive the $249 towards their first Configuration or Traning Package.