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"We need to reduce our manual data entry & amount of human errors.

Copy Paste Errors are some of the biggest challenges that businesses face. Working with multiple Excel spreadsheets can be a drain on company resources and time, especially after Excel crashes.

The real cause of these issues are disconnected business apps. 

Business apps that connect through APIs (Application Programming Interface)
How effective would your business be if you could connect:

• Salesforce 2 Email Marketing-aligning every hot lead to a potential sales opportunity.
• Salesforce 2 Gmail-to schedule tasks at your fingertips.
• Salesforce 2 Quickbooks-to allow memo and postings that are synced in both systems.
• Salesforce 2 Zoom-to capture all of your webinar participants and sync them as new contacts in Salesforce.

We specialize in Zapier, Cazoomi, and most 3rd Party Apps that bridge the gap of your data between the apps.

*Connect your Phone System, Whattsapp, Text

to allow call analytics and notes be directed recorded in your Email Marketing, CRM, or other 300 great platforms

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