Goal: To become the authority in Salesforce Related Projects

How is your organization using Salesforce to handle your needs today? Maybe we can offer a suggestion or two? After working with us, your business will never be the same! We would be excited to chat with you and understand your situation better! We are confident that my skills and experience are a great fit for this position.

We are Certified Salesforce Administrators, Sales & Service Cloud Consultant. Our specialties include:

• Being the main point of contact for Salesforce Issues, especially Classic to Lightning Migrations • Creating customized objects that support business ideas • Building automation for tasks, reminders, and e-mail alerts • Customizing reports and analytics so key people can see KPIs at their fingertips.

• Wouldn't it be nice if you could locate that killer whale proposal that you sent to the major deal that you closed 8 months ago? • Or, maybe you are unable to send a payment notification to the VP of Accounting? • Or possibly, you are sitting on thousands of leads and are awaiting me to help you with campaign influence? Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, & Community Builder, I would be happy to create and automate customized objects that your business solutions in Salesforce, with a smile! If need be we could also create customized reports and analytics so key people can see KPIs at their fingertips.

Commonly Asked Questions
What do you think are the keys to success when working remotely with a client?



Describe the product/service



Describe the product/service



Describe the product/service

“Easy to work with”


Describe the product/service



Get more than just a work guarantee, engage with someone who truly cares.

"Communicates Well”


Great communication and documentation

What is your strategy for handling problems that you encounter?


We are very transparent and detailed in the project management software that is used. If a project or request doesn't seem like it could be accomplished, a project might be going off-target We are open with the client to preemptively create solution options.

What are the pros and cons of freelancing?


We  love every aspect of it and do not see any Cons, just learning experiences

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Meet our Consulting Team of Experts

Bob-Head of Excitement for New Projects-He will make sure that you are happy every stage of the project,

Andrea- Project Management- She will ensure that your project is moving in the right direction and on track.

Mimi- Head of People Management Overseeing that the right consultant is matched with the right project.

Heather- Head of Customer Success She will ensure to listen to your comments, questions, and favorite sayings.

Pookie- Cost This thing actually is what we refer to as cost. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Eric- CEO The buck stops here. Head of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Waste Management, and any other activity that no wants to do but needs to be done with a smile.

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